Lotus Insurance Contracts: A Sharp Weapon in the Market of Encrypted Contracts

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In the traditional financial field, contract transaction refers to the agreement that the buyer agrees to receive an asset at a specific price after a specified period of time, and the seller agrees to deliver an asset at a specific price after a specified period of time. Its essence is a standardized contract. This standardized contract is designed to hedge spot risk, This is often used in commodity trading. In order to lock costs and hedge the risk of substantial fluctuations in spot prices, companies or individuals engaged in bulk commodity trading will use empty orders (multiple orders) of the same position in the futures market to resist risks. This operation method is called hedging. At the same time, in order to improve the utilization rate of funds, a margin mechanism is designed in futures contract trading, which makes futures contract trading have a certain lever, amplifies the income, but also increases the risk.

Contract transactions in the block chain field are also designed in accordance with this principle. Standardized contracts and subsequent performance guarantee services are provided by the corresponding exchanges. The contract trading mechanism can effectively accelerate the depth of digital asset transactions. Is the effective promotion mechanism of currency value. At present, the encrypted contract trading market is very active, high leverage, has become the most popular trading variety in the market, many users through the contract trading market full of money. But it is also because of the high leverage, once the user opened the market judgment error, it is easy to buy the wrong direction, resulting in great losses, the warehouse is doomed to no return. Therefore, contract trading is a highly profitable, but also a high-risk complex product, users in the troubled market environment, want to make a correct judgment is extremely difficult.

Under the call of this market environment, Lotus Exchange adopts high concurrent trading system, bank level wind control structure, and relies on ultra-high frequency quantization technology + cross-platform hedging mechanism to create a safe and stable insurance contract trading function. Lotus insurance contracts use USDT transactions, users participate in insurance contract transactions on the Lotus exchange, can buy a certain number of insurance, after the purchase of insurance positions have lost money, can be paid, thereby reducing transaction risk, Maximize the risk pressure of users.As the number of contract insurance trading users of the Lotus Exchange increases gradually, the depth of trading and the volume of transactions enlarge rapidly, LTS as a handling fee to pay, the value will also rise!

So Lotus why can the exchange do it? There are six reasons and advantages!

  1. Flexible coverage

Lotus Exchange can choose to buy an insurance contract when trading, the minimum principal amount of insurance contract trading from 100 USDT, the upper limit of 10000 USDT.

  • Platform coin pledge

If an insurance contract transaction is required, the user must hold 5% of the corresponding principal value of the platform currency as a pledge (used as a fee deduction, insurance contract transaction fees need to use platform currency to pay).

  • Price difference contracts

Lotus insurance contract transactions as price difference contracts, USDT transactions, no delivery.Trading depth of millions of orders of magnitude, comparable to the global mainstream exchanges, fast trading and small point difference.

  • Low cost

Lotus insurance contract transaction fee is only 0.2% of the transaction flow, deducted from the platform currency account balance.

  • Payment of loss principal

The insurance contract transaction user produces the loss, returns the loss principal 20%-50%, the transaction flow reaches the principal 100 times indemnity settlement standard, the next day may obtain the indemnity.

  • Fee rebate

Lotus insurance contract transaction fee deduction, automatic rebate. Divided into S1-S6 users, the minimum requirement to hold 2000 platform coins, and only S6 users enjoy equal income of 5%.

At present Lotus exchange ecology is in the trend of vigorous development. Insurance contract trading function, I believe that the value of the LTS can achieve a qualitative breakthrough. The Lotus exchange will also go online and trade more pairs. It will also plan to provide API interfaces to all exchanges around the world, access more digital assets to participate in insurance contract transactions, allow all exchange users to buy contract insurance across platforms, empower the entire digital asset, and guarantee all projects on block chains and digital asset transactions.

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